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The Advent of Commercial ASVs

Marine environments are notoriously difficult to study. It’s only within the last few decades that technology has enabled any systematic and scientific exploration of what lies beneath.

Nexans’ Aurora: Cable Layer Sets New Standards

The submarine cable market is booming. Every segment of the market, from offshore wind to interconnectors to fiber optics, has experienced strong growth for several years and are seeing some of the strongestlevels of deployments in their history.

SWORD: Groundbreaking Technology for New Frontiers

The exploration of new frontiers calls for groundbreaking innovation. This is particularly true when it comes to the application of offshore technology engineered to meet the future challenges of the oil & gas, renewable energy, telecoms, marine mining and trenching industries.

OCEAN MINING: Lessons from the Past

ON&T recently caught up with Ted Brockett, one of the pioneers of seabed mining technology, to take a look back at the early days of ocean exploration.

Harvesting the Deep for the Green Transition

By Gerrard Barron, Chairman & CEO, DeepGreen Metals Inc. Tesla founder Elon Musk said recently, “When Henry Ford made cheap reliable cars, people said, ‘what’s wrong with a horse?’” Fast forward about a century, and people sceptical about electric vehicles cite poor range and a high cost of entry as reasons that the world will never ‘go electric’.

Bluefin: An Affordable Bio-logging Skin Made from Common Materials

Living creatures are loaded with sensors. We see, here, taste, and smell using devices loaded onto an ambulatory vessel capable of traversing land or water: our bodies. But that is far from the only sensory organ providing information about the world around us.


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