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ON&T has been the trusted source of essential intelligence for the ocean industries for almost four decades. Executive decision makers and influencers choose ON&T for the latest industry forecasts, technology, product launches, data, and project news. ON&T’s thought-leading editorial focus includes Offshore Energy, Subsea Intervention and Survey, Maritime Communications, Subsea Cables, and Defense, and is guided by the magazine’s Editorial Board, populated by leaders in the ocean industries community. The magazine publishes 10 editions a year, with both print and digital versions available. ON&T also publishes an exclusive Unmanned Vehicles Buyers’ Guide, published in July.

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We have learned a lot over the last 38 years. Not just about how best to report on news and technology, but about our advertising partners. We understand that each advertiser is different, and so our approach is to build promotional packages that are fit for purpose. Our Account Managers have extensive experience in compiling advertising plans that elevate brands and deliver genuine ROI. We have repeatedly seen that the key to advertising success is a shared vision, which our Account Managers make their priority.
The magazine speaks for itself: ON&T has become the benchmark for essential intelligence and quality journalism in the ocean industries. We never set out to be the biggest, but the best. Our reach of 20,000 loyal readers—83% of whom are executive decision-makers and influencers—gives advertisers access to an exclusive and highly niche audience. Our goal as a trusted trade publication has remained true over the last four decades: to profile the very best of our industry. Are you ready to join us?

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Mimi has been with ON&T for 6 years. Mimi’s insight has proven invaluable for several of our key clients, including Kongsberg, MacArtney and iXBlue, all of which understand the power of trade marketing at important industry events.
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