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Latest Issue: July 2024

Welcome to ON&T’s new-look 2024 – 2025 Uncrewed Vehicles Buyers’ Guide (UVBG). Now in its tenth year, the UVBG has grown year on year to equip users with the most comprehensive guide to an expanding range of uncrewed vehicles and technologies engineered to accelerate ocean exploration. This latest edition is no different, with listings across all categories up by an average of 20%. Within these pages you will find over 500 listings, 18 exclusive editorial spotlights, and a new section dedicated to Workforce Development. Beyond the UVBG, be sure to keep an eye on for all the latest news shaping the world of uncrewed marine technologies.

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Ed Freeman,
Editor, ON&T

This Month's Exclusive Guest Op-Ed


Ed Freeman

Managing Editor, Ocean News & Technology

Uncrewed Vehicles Drive Ocean Exploration Efforts

Welcome to the 10th edition of ON&T’s Uncrewed Vehicle Buyers’ Guide (UVBG). 2024 has undoubtedly been a busy year for professionals working in the marine uncrewed vehicle space. So far, from January through June, we have seen an unprecedented uptick in news specific to such technologies; in fact, the number of press announcements directly related to uncrewed vehicles in Q1/Q2 2024 was up 54% when compared to Q3/Q4 2023.

While the nature of these stories varies, they share a common goal: to champion ongoing investment in the trial, adoption, and integration of intelligent systems designed to enable the remote operation of marine assets on and below the waterline.

The real-world utility of uncrewed vehicles is no longer conceptual. The evidence is not only compelling, but irrefutable. Operators now, more than ever before, have access to field-proven commercial systems capable of delivering a sustainable—and scalable—operational winwin: a cost-effective, carbon-conscious means of executing in-field tasks with less topside vessel and personnel support.

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