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The world of unmanned vehicles and marine robotics continues to advance at a scintillating rate, and this month we meet some of the leading minds fueling this exciting growth: March’s line-up includes exclusive feature articles from SMD, Thurn Group, RJE Oceanbotics, and SeaRobotics. Also, don’t miss "Exploring Final Frontiers Closer to Home", an OpEd penned by IBM Space Tech CTO, Naeem Altaf.

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Ed Freeman,  
Editor, ON&T

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April 08, 2021

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Defense & Security

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Technologies: Autonomous Navigation, Comms & Telemetry, Magnetometers, GIS, Sonar, and more.
Industry Focus: Subsea Defense, Government, Offshore Energy, Subsea Infrastructure

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Prof. Phil Hart
Prof. Phil HartDirector of Energy and Power, Cranfield University
Dr. Tobias Stapleton
Dr. Tobias StapletonCo-Founder, Managing Director, Blue Innovation Symposium | VP, Marine & Oceanographic Technology Network (MOTN)
Drew Michel
Drew MichelAuthor, lecturer and general authority on the history of ROV technology
G. Allen Brooks
G. Allen BrooksEnergy Analyst & Consultant and publisher of Musings from the Oil Field
Rhonda Moniz
Rhonda MonizCEO & Founder, Underwater Investigative Group

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