Lithium Batteries Power Remote Oceanographic Applications

Lithium Batteries Power Remote Oceanographic Applications
Oceantronics redesigned the battery pack for its GPS/ice buoyto reduce weight and size of the device by 90% (54 kg down to 3.2 kg), making iteasier to transport via helicopter. (Photo credit: Oceantronics/Sigrid Salo, NOAA/PMEL)

By Sol Jacobs, VP and General Manager, Tadiran Batteries

Low-power remote wireless sensorsare bringingenhanced data intelligence toall types ofoceanographic applications, including buoys (drifting, moored, ARGO), mayday and other emergency systems, GPS and ARGOS tracking devices, current meters, transponders, harbor lights, acoustic releases, and seismometers,to name a few.

This article was featured in ON&T June 2022. Click here to read.


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