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High-Throughput Satellite Technology

Connectivity and big data are critical to offshore industries, but remote access presents a challenge.

Making Resident ROVs a Reality

The expanding ability of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to work on the seafloor for extended period while being supported from a remote onshore location, reduces the environmental impacts and improves the safety of critical subsea operations. Learn how Oceaneering’s breakthrough E-ROV system is proving the capabilities of resident ROVs and changing the way we work in the water.

The Diver’s Apprentice

From breakthrough tech to makeshift solutions, two firsthand witnesses look back at some of the pioneering offshore applications of remotely operated vehicles.

An ROV History Refresher

Robert Wernli worked at the Navy lab in San Diego during the pioneer days of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) development.

Transformative Marine Manufacturing

What advantages does 3D metal printing have in marine applications? Learn how this technology is set to disrupt the marine manufacturing industry.


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