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Teledyne SeaBotix Claimed

Poway, California, United States
+1 (619) 450-4001

Business Details

  Founded on years of research, development and underwater industry experience, Teledyne SeaBotix was incorporated in 2001 and has delivered over 1300 MiniROVs to-date. Teledyne SeaBotix continues to be a pioneer in the development and manufacture of observations class MiniRoVs, providing the widest range of capable MiniROVs in the world with more sensor options than any other. No other MiniROV systems offer the highest level of performance, intuitiveness, and value for a diverse range of applications. Equipped with a variety of standard features and extremely maneuverable, the Teledyne SeaBotix vehicles are 1 or 2 person portable, yet large enough to carry a complement of sensors such as sonar on a stable, controllable, and precise platform. All systems perform a multitude of tasks and are designed for harsh underwater environments.  
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Poway, California, United States

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Ocean News & Technology
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8502 SW Kansas Ave
Stuart, FL 34997