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Aquatec Group

Stroudley Road, England, RG24 8FW, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1256 416010

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The Aquatec Group are creators of innovative instruments, services and solutions for measurement, monitoring and communication underwater. They provide instrumentation solutions for all water environments and service a wide range of applications, including offshore structures and pipelines; oceans, estuaries, rivers and lakes; marine mammals and fisheries; and marine renewables. Aquatec was founded by the current managing director in 1990 as a specialist consultancy in oceanographic instrumentation design. Since then, the company has established a diverse portfolio of products for measurement of oceanographic and process parameters including temperature, depth, suspended sediment, motion, orientation, cathodic protection, subsea leaks and marine mammal activity, as well as through and above water data communication systems, and marine mammal deterrents. Recent expansion has introduced consultancy, systems integration, real time monitoring systems and rental services.
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Stroudley Road, England, RG24 8FW, United Kingdom

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