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Sensonor AS

6 Langmyra, Vestfold og Telemark, 3185, Horten, Norway

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The roots of Sensonor and its technology go back to 1965. In 1985 the Company started operating as an independent entity under the name Sensonor, until it was acquired by Infineon Technologies in 2003. In 2009 the company split from Infineon in a MBO supported by local investors to continue its focus on MEMS based sensors, however aiming at applications and markets requiring high precision sensors with a special focus on inertial (Gyro and IMU). From 2012 Sensonor has been under ownership of a Swiss based investment group. Based out of Horten, about 100 km south of Oslo in Norway, Sensonor has for more than 25 years played a significant role in the development of the global MEMS industry. Over the years, more than 250 million pressure sensors, more than 250 million accelerometers, and more than 2 million gyros have been shipped to customers for use in numerous type of applications. Probably the most important reason for this success is the extremely low failure rate experienced by customers relaying on Sensonor products; less than 1 failure in 10 million parts shipped.
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6 Langmyra, Vestfold og Telemark, 3185, Horten, Norway

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