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  • Accessible Marine Insurance/John W Fisk Company

Accessible Marine Insurance/John W Fisk Company

United States

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Accessible Marine Insurance (AMI) has merged with the John W Fisk Company to provide a broad and cost effective approach to marine insurance. At Accessible Marine Insurance, we provide all types of marine insurance to any limit required for commercial diving insurance, marine contractors, offshore oilfield and platforms, plug and abandonment (P&A) contractors, land based energy, ocean marine cargo, ROV or AUV insurance and oceanographic research worldwide. We have emerged as a top marine insurance agency due to our knowledgeable, experienced and talented staff who are committed to providing extensive consultation and excellent customer service to our clients. You won’t find a more experienced, cost competitive or effective insurance agency for your marine insurance. Make AMI your One-Stop-Shop for expert marine insurance consultation and competitive insurance rates.  
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8502 SW Kansas Ave
Stuart, FL 34997