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DuroWipers Ltd

20 Oldends Lane, England, GL10 2DG, United Kingdom
+44(0) 1453 820979

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At DuroWipers we design, develop, and manufacture individual, high performance Windscreen wipers in our UK based factory. Each system is constructed to exceed customer expectations in quality and innovation, with a patented unique dual drive design unlike any other marine wiper in the World. We work closely with all clients in Marine, Offshore and Mlitary markets to offer the very best solutions to meet all types of conditions and needs. DuroWiper systems have been designed to last the lifetime of a vessel, trains, crane or platform. This is reflected in the 3-year Warranty on all our systems and extended and Lifetime Warranties for the RNLI the Royal Navy. With our innovative design and the use of quality materials, we know our customer will have many years of maintenance free superior performance from their DuroWipers.
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20 Oldends Lane, England, GL10 2DG, United Kingdom

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