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Turfhill Road, New Deer, Scotland AB53 6TL, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

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NETmc Marine is a technology led company developing DVRs and underwater cameras for the offshore subsea integrity, general marine, renewable and military markets. Our products are primarily aimed at the ROV and diving market, however we have designed bespoke equipment for a number of other clients including the Energy market.
Our range of DVRs have been industry standards for many years; however, we have now replaced all our stand-alone DVRs with a single DVR which can be configured to emulate older NETmc Marine DVR models. This latest DVR has been designed to be very flexible and is available as a 1U or 4U unit, both support SD-CV, HD-SDI, RTSP and HDMI inputs and can be upgraded in the field with a list of software options including Black Box, Video Overlay, interface for NETmc Marine’s DDL and e-Inspect software as well as with third party survey and inspection software.Our range of DVCi camera system works over Ethernet or twisted pair, and is an end-to-end one-fits-all solution for high definition video acquisition.
With market knowledge drawn on over 40 year’s of accumulative field experience in a wide range of offshore projects, we are your perfect digital video partners.
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Turfhill Road, New Deer, Scotland AB53 6TL, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom