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Kearfott Corporation

19 Chapin Road, Building C, Pine Brook, New Jersey 07058, United States

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Kearfott Corporation is a leader in the design, manufacture, and support of guidance, navigation, and motion-control products for the aerospace, defense, energy exploration, and unmanned system markets.

The company is dedicated to providing quality, reliability, and cutting-edge technology to customers worldwide to meet their sea, land, air, and space requirements. Kearfott products guide spacecraft and strategic missiles, navigate autonomously undersea, provide navigation and fire control for ground vehicles, and control motion aboard both military and commercial aircraft.

Founded in 1918, Kearfott’s primary business is the development and manufacture of guidance, navigation, and motion-control components and systems for military and commercial applications. Its core products include inertial measurement units, inertial navigation systems, fiber optic and ring laser gyros, sensors, actuators, motors, fire control, and battle management systems. These products have seen millions of hours of service on countless applications, including helicopters, army tanks, the International Space Station, military and commercial aircraft, and various autonomous vehicles.

Kearfott has produced over 100,000 inertial systems and over four million precision components. At its Guidance & Navigation Division, Kearfott products include a complete line of sophisticated gimbaled and strapdown guidance and navigation systems using both ring laser and tuned rotor gyroscopes, test equipment, and inertial sensors. At its Motion Systems Division, Kearfott designs and manufactures sophisticated precision rotary components, actuators, sensors, and electronics.

Kearfott is respected worldwide as a full-service company. Complex systems, system integration, precision components, testing, logistics, and maintenance are all within the realm of Kearfott’s activities. The breadth of Kearfott’s engineering talents has enabled it to provide practical and innovative solutions to address and fulfill the requirements of the most demanding and sophisticated customers.

Kearfott is a subsidiary of Astronautics Corporation of America, a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of avionics equipment and systems for the commercial and military aerospace industry.

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13 April 2023
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19 Chapin Road, Building C, Pine Brook, New Jersey 07058, United States

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