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CSA Ocean Sciences Inc.

Stuart, Florida, United States
+1 (772) 219-3010

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Founded in 1970 as a marine environmental consulting firm, CSA specializes in multidisciplinary projects concerning potential environmental impacts throughout the world.  CSA offers a wide variety of desktop and field survey services. 

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc.'s programmatic approach provides our clients with objective data collected in the field and through desktop-based scientific research while maintaining an appreciation for the environmental, legal, and political sensitivities frequently associated with controversial marine and coastal projects. Over the last 45 years, CSA has successfully conducted thousands of studies for more than 600 clients, including the oil and gas industry; engineering/surveying firms; utility companies; law firms; land development companies; and local, State, Federal, and international government agencies. The wide range of marine services offered by CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. draws upon the extensive knowledge of our qualified personnel in addition to the techniques, facilities, equipment, and business considerations of applied sciences and technologies. Our 45-year corporate track record has resulted in a reputation of reliable technical performance, unbiased analyses, and scientific integrity.

Stuart, Florida USA

Houma, Louisiana
Houston, Texas
East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Silver Spring, Maryland
Tampa, Florida

Doha, Qatar
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
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Stuart, Florida, United States