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ASL Environmental Sciences, Inc.

6703 Rajpur Place, Saanichton, British Columbia V8M 1Z5, Canada

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  • Metocean Equipment Leasing: Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler ADCPs (including StreamPro & RiverRay), Ice Profilers, AZFP, acoustic releases, wave/tide gauges, pingers, satellite beacons, CTD+DO+Tu profilers, DO & turbidity loggers, weather station, cages, flotation, bottom frames.
  • Oceanographic Products: Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler (AZFP), Ice Profiler IPS5 & shallow water SWIP, Wave Profiler, Acoustic Scintillation Flow Meter (ASFM), Imagenex scanning sonar logger (IRIS), instrument cages, bottom frames. Custom acoustic system integration.
  • Consulting: Field work, data collection, analyses, numerical modelling, acoustics, remote sensing, oceanographic mooring design and system integration.
  • Manufacturer’s Representative: Teledyne RD Instruments, Deep Water Buoyancy, WERA Northern Radar.


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6703 Rajpur Place, Saanichton, British Columbia V8M 1Z5, Canada

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