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General Dynamics Mission Systems, Bluefin Robotics Products

Braintree, Massachusetts, United States

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General Dynamics Mission Systems’ Bluefin Robotics products provide undersea capabilities for defense, scientific and maritime customers worldwide. Bluefin Robotics products offer a range of systems and configurations that can operate in the open ocean and in constrained waterways. Our core autonomous product line includes Bluefin SandShark, Bluefin-9, Bluefin-12, and Bluefin-21, Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (HAUV), and Subsea Power technologies.

The Bluefin Robotics AUV family shares a free-flooded, modular, and open architecture backbone that has enabled the integration of 70+ sensors. We have developed and delivered AUVS worldwide to research institutes and industry and have provided AUVS to the United States’ and International Navies.

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Braintree, Massachusetts, United States