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Hydrus Micro-AUV


 Hydrus is an autonomous underwater vehicle that makes underwater surveying easy and affordable.

Truly Autonomous

Hydrus takes the drone revolution underwater with the most advanced navigation and communication systems of any subsea vehicle. It contains a DVL, USBL, INS, acoustic and optical modem, all tightly integrated. This enables highly reliable, fully autonomous underwater missions at your fingertips. It also provides obstacle detection and collision avoidance.

Stunning Imagery

Hydrus produces stunning imagery, even in challenging low light and turbid conditions. Through its innovative combination of a 4K camera, dynamic lighting and AI image processing, Hydrus delivers high-quality georeferenced footage. The high 60 frames per second allow fast movements to be captured and enhances machine vision capability, allowing for AI classification and analysis to be performed onboard. Hydrus can create 3D RGB point clouds by combining imagery with its sonar and navigation data.

Small and Affordable

Hydrus condenses its advanced features into one of the smallest and most affordable autonomous underwater vehicles on the market. Its fully encapsulated polymer construction provides best-in-class reliability with minimal maintenance. It is certified flight safe to standard UN38.3 and can be shipped by air or carry-on baggage.

Intuitive Mission Control

Hydrus takes complex mission design out of the expert domain and into the hands of anyone that needs underwater data. It features an intuitive point and click 3D map interface that makes creating complex missions simple and allows untrained operators to use the system out of the box. Mission execution utilises AI for reliable navigation and image quality control.

Open Platform

Hydrus is able to integrate your custom software as a payload, offering full access to the camera, sensors, navigation, modems and control. The powerful and open architecture is ideal for machine vision and AI applications.

Full specifications and features at https://www.advancednavigation.com/robotics/micro-auv/hydrus/




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