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Commander MK III Off-Shore

26 March 2020 - 31 March 2021 26 March 2020 31 March 2021

This vehicle is an evolution from the Commander MK III, and it resulted in a multitask platform designed, developed and customized to carry out special tasks in the offshore activities.

Equipped with six vectorized thrusters, this ROV can move faster than 5 knots, maintaining high maneuverability.

This ROV, initially designed for offshore oil structures cleaning, and later also adapted for use in aquaculture, has UTM & CP probes mounted in the front, and a multi noozle head (MNH) cavitation unit on the back side. This ROV is completely symmetrical, front and back have the same cameras, lighting and tilting mechanisms. All of accessories are mounted on external tilting frames controlled from surface, allowing to work in every direction.

The external tilting frames allow overhead cleaning and measuring and with the inner tilting units equipped with Full HD cameras and high output LEDs, the cleaning processes and measurements can be controlled closely and in high definition & resolution.

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