Osbit has successfully completed an innovative new subsea cable repair system for a new customer in Australia.

The standby Quadrant Handling System for SA Power Networks facilitates emergency repairs of subsea power cables.

The novel containerized system will be mobilized and installed to a designated repair vessel in the event of a cable fault to ensure power can be restored quickly and efficiently.

SA Power Networks is the sole electricity distributor in South Australia, utilizing a significant network of powerlines, which includes critical subsea cable supplying Kangaroo Island off the coast of Adelaide.

Working closely with SA Power Networks and its repair contractor, Subcom, Osbit developed a comprehensive mobilization plan to ensure the system is primed for swift future mobilizations.

Building on its expertise in producing field-proven Quadrant Handling Systems, Osbit were able to deliver a bespoke engineering solution, which met its client’s requirements without compromising on functionality.

The system comprises lay chutes, cable quadrant, quadrant trackways and cable roller units, which are supplied in a modular assembly arrangement that enables the rapid mobilization from its storage location and installation on the repair vessel.

Designed at Osbit’s head office in Northumberland and fabricated in the North East of England, the system was completed in 16 weeks, two weeks ahead of schedule, and dispatched to Australia ready for deployment.

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