Swathe Services announce that Oceanscan have recently made a significant investment for an R2Sonic 2022 digital wideband multibeam system with integrated I2NS (POS MV Wavemaster) INS.

The Sonic 2022 is portable, the compact form factor making it ideal for integration into AUV, ROV, or small boat operations with a range up to 400m of water.

The 3000m-rated Sonic 2022 unit is fitted with the 700 kHz UHR™ Option, Truepix backscatter and raw water column detect, making it an ideal high-resolution sonar. When UHR™ is selected, the beam width is 0.6° x 0.6° providing narrow beam widths - invaluable for detail offshore site surveys such as pipeline inspections, trench mapping, cable lay operations, wreck surveys or other micro bathymetry/hydrographic applications.

User-selectable frequencies from 170 to 450kHz and swath coverage from 10° to 160° are selectable on the fly, during survey operations. The latest features are also included offering 1024 soundings per ping and the new Pipeline mode.

Adil Ali, Oceanscan Subsea Sales Manager, added: “R2Sonic’s multibeam technology and products are of the highest quality and are sought after pieces of kit; these recent acquisitions will add new capability to our hydrographic survey offering. Oceanscan plans to make further investments to enhance our industry position as a leading supplier of subsea sensors and technology to the domestic and overseas subsea market.”

Formal Sonic/I2NS training for three Oceanscan technicians at Swathe Services has also been scheduled in order to better support customers.

James Williams of Swathe services stated “The system we have delivered to Oceanscan offers more options than most other rental systems in the market and the versatility of these options means that high resolution data can be obtained whether mounted on a surface vessel or on deep tow and ROV systems”.

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