Representing state-of-the-art underwater cameras, lights, and accessories for the marine industry, MacArtney’s LUXUS range is designed to offer reliability and excellent performance, while allowing for extensive operational flexibility. Composed to offer appropriate solutions to any underwater pur-pose, the LUXUS range is made from first-rate electronic components.

Features of MacArtney’s new LUXUS products

Both compact PUR products are ideal for a multitude of demanding underwater tasks and operations. The housings of both products are made from PUR, and they are both non-serviceable and represent steady and viable functionality and applicability at low cost. They both provide depth ratings of 200 meters and are applicable for markets like offshore wind and fish farming as well as traditional areas within diving.

The LUXUS compact PUR camera is a light sensitive camera. Featuring a fixed focal length which can be factory adjusted to capture images at very close range, it is available with different lenses for various angles of view. The LUXUS compact PUR camera has been designed to function perfectly in combina-tion with the LUXUS compact PUR LED and the LUXUS media controllers.

The LUXUS compact PUR LED is a wet and dry light applicable from 200 m depth up to the deck without having to be switched off. The LUXUS compact PUR LED is the smallest and most cost-effective LED light in the LUXUS range. It comes with a 0.6 m open end cable or terminated with a SubConn® or alternative customer specified connector. The PUR LED has been designed to function perfectly in combination with the LUXUS compact PUR camera and the LUXUS media controllers.

The comprehensive range of LUXUS products is meant to further empower users of LUXUS equipment. “We take pride in following up on the feedback supplied to us by our LUXUS customers and wish to continuously enable even more flexible and efficient use of our cameras and lights,” states Ron Voerman, Managing Director of MacArtney Benelux and originating this new product.

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