Moog Focal announces the launch of its new 4 Gbps, pressure tolerant (PT) small form-factor pluggable (SFP) optical transceiver. The first order will be supplied to MacArtney UK Ltd. for a project that requires high bandwidth data in tough pressure tolerant conditions.

This new product is part of Moog Focal’s increased portfolio of qualified pressure tolerant technology, including pressure tolerant electronics and optical products for use in subsea applications. With a standard rating of 4000 m (6000 psi / 430 bar), and options for even higher pressures, Focal’s PT products support the most challenging of applications. To ensure reliability, all designs undergo rigorous qualification testing, and each product is test screened above the design rated pressure during factory acceptance.

With this newly qualified 4 Gbps offering, several existing 1 Gbps PT systems currently deployed in the field can now be upgraded to support higher bandwidth applications. Pressure tolerant products need to be enclosed in a subsea junction box typically filled with oil. Focal has tested compatibility with many typical oils used in the marine industry and continues to validate additional fluids as new applications emerge.

2MoogFogal4GbpsMoog Focal Pressure Tolerant Testing Equipment

In addition to pressure tolerant slip rings and fiber joints for use subsea, Moog Focal supplies reliable pressure tolerant solutions for composite video, HD video, Ethernet and serial channels, with thousands of products deployed subsea primarily in ROV systems.

Given the higher capacity of next generation multiplexer designs and the potential for integration cost savings associated with pressure tolerant technology, overall system costs for multiplexers could potentially be reduced by up to 50 percent while actually increasing data capacity.

Learn more about the Moog Focal small form-factor pluggable (SFP) optical transceiver.

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