MacArtney’s SubConn® connectivity products reflect the world’s leading range of truely industry standard, reliable and affordable connectors and cables supplied throughout the world to the demanding underwater industry.

Having been designed, manufactured and tested for use in harsh marine environments, the full range of SubConn® connectivity solutions meet customer needs from shallow water use to full ocean depth rating.

Thus, MacArtney designs and manufactures state-of-the-art connectivity solutions for any application within all maritime industries including subsea, offshore oil and gas, renewable energy, ocean science, civil engineering, defense, fisheries and diving.

Giant-sized connectors for high power submersible pumps

The scope of supply of this recent order consists of a total of nine sets of 4-pin power connectors based on MacArtney’s SubConn® 1-pin power connector. Four SubConn® 1-pin power connectors have been installed in a connector body designed and manufactured by MacArtney and subsequently moulded to a MacArtney supplied power cable. This moulding procedure was carried out in MacArtney’s moulding and cable-assembly workshop representing state-of-the art moulding technology.

The connector has a rating of 1000V/250A per pin and includes a standard 3-pin SubConn® circular connector for signal transfer as well as POM dust caps.

The connectors are used in railway tunnels where water and spills inevitably accumulate at the lowest point of the tunnel. Therefore, high power pumps are usually installed at this point to ensure pumping liquids out of the tunnel, often over a distance of several kilometres.

Minimizing downtime

In the event of pump service or replacement, it is essential for the safe operation of the tunnel that the downtime is minimized. The 4-pin custom connector selected allows the operator to quickly connect and disconnect the pumps and is thus a critical part of the tunnel safety infrastructure.

Key technologies of the connectivity range of MacArtney include wet- and dry-mateable power, signal and optical connector solutions, terminations and penetrators under the renowned SubConn®, TrustLink and OptoLink brands, GreenLink termination solutions and subsea cables from leading manufacturers. In addition, MacArtney supplies an endless list of custom connectivity solutions including specially moulded or machined cable assemblies, bespoke interconnect solutions and junction boxes.

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