Coda Octopus announces the release of its fourth generation (4G) Underwater Inspection System(UIS4G). The UIS is a rapid deployment system used in over 30 ports in the U.S. and by a growing number of naval forces worldwide for a variety of underwater tasks including rapid real-time inspection of piers and harbors, change detection analysis, and search and recovery.

Due to its ease of use, the UIS has enabled law enforcement personnel to readily utilize and interpret the data generated by the system in real time without needing specialist hydrographic surveyors.

The UIS, originally introduced in 2009, is an integrated, complete system which embeds Coda Octopus’s premier real-time 3D imaging sonar, Echoscope®, with a high accuracy position and motion sensor, repeatable hydrographic vessel pole, above water digital video camera and a single compact power supply and interface solution. The UIS4G is much more lightweight and compact than its previous generation, with a significantly reduced form factor and ease of deployment. It embeds a much smaller and lighter real-time 3D sonar and introduces our established ISAR (Integrated Single Axis Rotator) for simple on-the-fly application adjustment whilst underway. Coda Octopus’s new 3D Connect, which provides a single point of connection and power for all equipment and accessories within the UIS suite, is also considerably smaller and lighter than the previous Data Integration Unit (“DIU”).

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