A global leader in the provision of low logistic Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), Teledyne Gavia announced the release of its new Science Bay Module, further expanding the capabilities of the Gavia AUV.

The Gavia Science Bay module is a standard payload module that comes with several hull penetrations designed to accommodate a variety of scientific sensors. There are four penetrations that can accommodate WET Labs ECO pucks, two external wet plugs to provide power and serial communication for external devices, a slot for a SeaBird CTD, and an Aanderaa Optode oxygen sensor, and a weak link on the bottom for towing external sensors. The new sensor bay gives users added flexibility with multiple ports and plug and play connectivity. The unit can accommodate a number of standard sensors or can be used for custom sensor integration. Unused penetrations can be blinded.

The Gavia AUV is an autonomous sensor platform that is user configurable by the addition of one or more sensor, navigation, or battery modules. The modules are added or removed by means of a unique twist lock system. The Gavia is a fully low logistics modular system designed to be operated from vessels of opportunity and has the greatest depth rating of any vehicle in its class.

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