Seatooth SWiCOM is a wireless personal area network for divers. It provides secure and reliable text communications between divers in all operating environments. The wireless personal area network is designed to support propulsion systems and health monitoring sensors.

2WFS SWiCOMThe first generation of Seatooth SWiCOM was launched in early 2017. Following customer feedback we have upgraded the system with an improved User Interface and extended communications range.

The range of the diver to diver comms using text messages has been increased from 5m to 9m. We have developed a retrofit upgrade for the Patriot3 Jetboots diver propulsion system. Here you can see a diver wirelessly controlling the Jetboots.

3InternetofThingsChairman Comments:

“Seatooth SWiCOM is an innovation SIoT system that raises the bar on diver communications and control. It opens the way for communications in the most challenging situations and to real time diver health monitoring’

Subsea Internet of Things: is a network of smart wireless sensors and devices configured to provide actionable operational intelligence such as performance, condition and diagnostic information.

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