NOVACAVI’S Lan Cable for Underwater Farming

NOVACAVI’S Lan Cable for Underwater Farming

NOVACAVI has recently supplied a special underwater Lan hybrid cable to be deployed on the farm experimental project called Nemo’s Garden.

This world’s first underwater cultivation system of terrestrial plants located off the coast of Noli, southwest of Genoa, Italy, consists of an array of suspended, transparent, dome-shaped greenhouses called biospheres, anchored to the bottom of the sea.

Since everything is monitored on land through cameras and sensors, this specific underwater cable will enhance this innovative system of exploring the benefits of the sea for farming.

This cable is part of AQUANCABLE® range of special cable solutions provided by NOVACAVI to meet the most complex and various needs of marine and underwater technology activities.

Specialist in custom cable design & manufacturing for advanced technology since 1975, NOVACAVI develops any cable solutions with engineering expertise, comprehensive knowledge of materials and a high degree of manufacturing.



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