Sercel Extends its OBN Portfolio to Operate in All Seabed Survey Water Depths

Sercel Extends its OBN Portfolio to Operate in All Seabed Survey Water Depths
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CGG announces that Sercel now has a complete portfolio of seabed nodal solutions for all water depths down to 6,000 m to meet growing industry demand for ocean bottom node (OBN) seismic surveys.

Based on Sercel’s unique QuietSeis® broadband digital sensor technology, the full OBN portfolio includes the GPR300, the GPR700, the GPR3000 and the MicrOBS.

The GPR300 nodal solution was specifically designed for seismic acquisition in shallow water down to 300 meters. Since its launch in 2021, over 50,000 nodes have been successfully deployed in the field and have consistently demonstrated their outstanding efficiency and added value for the clearest subsurface images.

Building on the success of the GPR300, the GPR700 was unveiled yesterday at the IMAGE 2023 convention in Houston. The GPR700 extends OBN survey operations to the limits of the continental shelf at depths of up to 700 meters.

In response to growing requirements for deepwater exploration, Sercel is now also announcing a GPR3000 nodal solution for high-density OBN surveys down to depths of 3,000 meters.

To complete Sercel’s OBN offering, the MicrOBS sparse nodal solution is ideally suited for sparse deepwater OBN operations down to 6,000 meters.

Emmanuelle Dubu, Sercel CEO, said: "We are delighted to now offer a full range of nodal solutions to the seismic industry. The common denominator and key differentiator of this portfolio is QuietSeis, the most accurate seismic sensor in the industry. It’s extremely low-noise performance delivers high-fidelity, high-quality broadband datasets for high-precision subsurface imaging. With our comprehensive portfolio of high-tech OBN solutions—all seamlessly integrated into our new MetaBlue marine survey management solution—we are uniquely positioned to support our customers in their offshore exploration and monitoring projects, whatever the depth."


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