Coda Octopus Releases the DA4G™-USB Acquisition System

Coda Octopus has released a new variant of the DA4G™, the DA4G™-USB. This new simplified system takes the industry leading digital acquisition and conversion components from the DA4G and presents them in a robust and smaller package for analogue and digital acquisition.

The DA4G™-USB runs on the GeoSurvey™ software for either single sensor acquisition (sidescan or sub-bottom profiler) or dual sensor acquisition (DA4G™-USB 1000 or 2000). GeoSurvey™ software benefits from years of industry experience and operation and offers solid and reliable data acquisition in a range of formats.

Existing DA4G™ owners will be able to re-cycle their DA4Gs into the new model through a re-cycle and upgrade programme (terms and conditions apply). This will involve the return of the existing DA4G™ chassis to Coda Octopus where selected key components will be tested and re-housed in a new chassis. There is also the option for customers to upgrade their system from DA4G™ 500 to dual trigger, 4 channel acquisition on the DA4G™-USB 2000.

Customers will need to add a simple PC or laptop to the DA4G™-USB to complete their acquisition package. The GeoSurvey™ software dongle can either be embedded in the new DA4G™-USB or issued separately depending on the customer’s preference.

The new DA4G™ has completed extensive in-field testing with one of our key customers, simultaneously recording both sidescan and sub-bottom profiling data efficiently and without any data loss or corruption. Tom Davenport, Operations Manager states:

The DA4G™-USB presents a new alternative for the Geophysical acquisition market, with a reduced and simplified form factor, utilising tried and tested components for the rock solid acquisition and performance CodaOctopus®:Geo products are renowned for.


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