DT Marine remote-operated 125-hp Slip-Ring winch ready for lease

Okeanus-Final-logo1Okeanus Science and Technology, LLC (Okeanus) has recently acquired a custom DT Marine 125-hp electric-hydraulic Slip-Ring Tow Winch, model DT-3125.  The custom-designed winch is spooled with over 6,000 m (20,000 ft) of 0.68” UNOLS coax cable.  The system is configured to support a wide variety of oceanographic, survey, and scientific equipment and is ideally suited for various deepwater tow sled operations. 

The winch’s bare drum line pull is over 20,000 lbs at 0 to 150 ft/min.  The drive system consists of a 125-HP, 480 VAC, 3-phase, 650-HZ, totally enclosed, fan-cooled electric motor driving a hydraulic pump that, in turn, drives a hydraulic motor connected in open loop configuration.  The hydraulic motor is coupled to the drum through a planetary gear reducer that is attached directly to the winch drum.  A multiple disc, fail-safe brake is incorporated into the final drive and located between the hydraulic motor and the gear reducer.  The hydraulic reservoir is supplied with a sight level gauge and drain plug contained in the base of the winch such that, except for having to be supplied with outside electric power, the unit is self-contained.  The DT-3125 is controlled by a self-centering, single lever, 4-way control valve, with metering spool that affords variable speed in both directions, and is located on a sloping panel on the drive component housing.  The winch is also equipped with a remote output that allows for the winch to be controlled from any point on the vessel.

The winch and a full suite of spares will be stationed at Okeanus’ main facility located in Houma, Louisiana and is available for lease.  Okeanus can also offer many subsea components and solutions to integrate into the DT-3125.

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