Fully integrated rental packages offer valuable solutions for water quality sampling.

OkeanusOkeanus Science and Technology (Okeanus) announces the acquisition of multiple Seabird 19plus V2 CTD systems, adding to its portfolio of water sampling rental equipment. Detecting the conductivity and temperature changes in a water column relative to depth is an integral part of oceanographic studies, and Okeanus offers the ability to acquire high-resolution data without the high cost associated with purchasing an array of equipment for subsea projects.

The Seabird SBE 19plus V2 CTD can be autonomously used to measure conductivity, temperature, and pressure at 4 scans per second (4 Hz) recording data internally. Research, monitoring, and engineering applications are completed with the highest degree of accuracy with optional real-time display via the RS-232 interface. Quality management is possible with the pump-controlled, T-C ducted flow minimizing salinity spiking due to ship heave and allows for slow descent rates without slowing sensor responses, improving dynamic accuracy and resolving small-scale structure in the water column.

Okeanus’s CTD systems can be fully integrated with a diverse line of auxiliary sensors providing a complete suite of water sampling equipment with real-time data acquisition capabilities. Complimentary water sampling rental equipment available includes the G.O. GoFlo Teflon Coated Water Bottles, Seabird SBE-43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor, Seabird SBE-18 pH Sensor, and Seabird SBE-32 Carousel Water Sampler available in a 12 (twelve)-position system with 5 (five)-liter and 10 (ten)-liter bottles. Coupling the Seabird 19plus V2 CTD with the Sea-Bird Water Sampler allows the possibility for both real-time and autonomous auto-fire operations.

“Okeanus Science & Technology is extremely excited about the acquisition of our fleet of Seabird SBE-19plusV2 CTD’s due to the fact that we have noticed a high demand for these products in the rental market,” said Benton LeBlanc, Vice President and General Manager of Okeanus. “These CTD’s have the ability to be fully integrated with any of our Seabird SBE-32 Water Sampling Rosettes and our diverse line of auxiliary sensors, affording Okeanus with the ability to provide our customers with another ‘totally packaged solution’ for all of their water sampling needs.”

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