Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) Ambassadors Board embarked on an underwater excursion at their Inaugural “Dive & Snorkel” event at the NSU’s Oceanographic Center. President George L. Hanbury II, Ph.D. and the board members had an opportunity to understand first-hand the research NSU’s Oceanographic Center is conducting regarding coral reef restoration.

Board members worked alongside NSU researchers and students transplanting threatened staghorn corals at NSU’s coral nurseries off the coast of Broward County, FL. Richard Dodge, Ph.D., dean of NSU’s Oceanographic Center, provided the board with a brief overview on the necessity of coral reef research in understanding, conserving and protecting coral reef ecosystems as well as protecting the economic vitality of the area. Coral reefs contribute $2 billion annually to Broward county economy.

NSU’s Ambassadors Board’s mission is to enlist widespread and active support for the university’s development efforts, promote NSU programs, and serve as the university’s “ambassadors” to communities and constituencies.

About Nova Southeastern University’s Oceanographic Center:  A world leader in marine biological research with focus on coral reef science and shark conservation, Nova Southeastern University’s Oceanographic Center has been at the forefront of graduate and undergraduate marine science education and oceanographic research for over 48 years. Students, scientists, faculty and staff come to the Center from all corners of the globe, with the common goal of learning from the ocean’s living classrooms — in one of the most diverse ecosystems known to man.

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