Mud Dens image005 copyDuring Oceanology International 2014 Stema-Systems is proud to announce the new DensiTune Portable, an easy to use system for rapid fluid mud assessment. This is the latest descendant of the Tune family of in-situ density and viscosity probes. The new DensiTune P system only weighs in total 15 kg and suited for hand carried transport. Together with the integrated wifi option and low power consumption the DensiTune P can easily be deployed on any vessel of opportunity for sediment density measurements.

The DensiTune provides nautical organizations and companies the tool to better manage their siltation issues within river, harbour and coastal environments. Truly calibration free a vertical density profile over the fluid mud column can be obtained within minutes. The retrieved density information allows organizations for assurance of nautical accessibility in harbours, analyses of water bottom stability assessment, managing quantities in disposal area's and the monitoring of siltation quantities.

The in-situ density measurements can optionally be accompanied with yield-strength data and dry solids calculation functionality. The DensiTune can be used in combination with any echosounder. However the combination with the Silas EBP echosounders adds another dimension to the mapping of the nautical bottom. The acoustic data of Silas sub-bottom mapping system is calibrated with the DensiTune information. The nautical bottom can now be mapped in free sailing mode efficient with the real-time density output of a pre-calibrated system.

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