Marine Propulsion Solutions Pte Ltd (SubSea Group) – located in Singapore, is introducing their latest product summary for a full range of Subsea Propulsion and Thruster Systems, designed for manned submersibles, Rov’s, Auv’s and other Subsea applications. They are produced in a full range of high quality, cost effective, efficient, and compact thrusters designed for professional Subsea use.

The company’s portfolio is divided into Eight main Groups: Subsea Thrusters - Electric (AC/DC) and Hydraulic, Pumpjet Propulsion, AUV Propulsor Modules, Manned Propulsion Modules, Podded Propulsors, Electric/Hydraulic Power Modules, Excavator/Grabber Systems and Seal Delivery Vehicles (SDV’s) with supporting hardware and control software.

Marine Propulsion Solutions Pte Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Electric and Hydraulic Subsea Thruster and Propulsion Systems, with units operational for over 5 years with their main offices located in Singapore and production facilities in Batam.

MPS is the only thruster company offering a large product range that includes:

  • Subsea Electric Brushless DC Thrusters rated from 375 watts up to 35 Kw
  • Subsea Hydraulic Thrusters rated from 15 Kw up to 150 Kw
  • Electric Thruster units for Manned Vehicles and SDV’s.

Marine Propulsion Solutions Pte Ltd subsea Thruster Drives are engineered products of European design based on the latest marine propulsion technologies, ANSYS Finite Element Analysis and the most modern manufacturing technologies available. They are of very heavy duty design and incorporate many unique features to optimize reliability, longevity and easy maintenance

Owner/Operator benefits:

  • Propeller speed is independent of engine speed leading to better maneuverability
  • Increased propulsion system efficiency
  • Increased propulsion system redundancy and power availability
  • Reduced total installed power generation
  • Reduced noise & vibration levels
  • Power Management
  • Shipyard & Construction benefits:

  • Flexible machinery arrangement
  • Modularized design
  • Simpler vessel machinery installation
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