CORMAC M4C is a customized version of the MacArtney CORMAC M modular winch series intended for use together with the dotOcean DensX sediment density profiler. DensX is an in-situ, direct measurement mud density method using safe X-ray technology and an automated winch.

Being fully controlled by dotOcean’s software for controlling the DensX, this customized MacArtney winch is supplied with a constant tension function and PC control. Besides, the winch is fitted with a special frame for housing the winch and the DensX.

MacArtney and dotOcean delivery of an integrated solution comprising dotOcean’s DensX density profiler with a MacArtney winch system for Government Agency RWS

Five different standard winch models
The CORMAC M series includes five different standard winch models constructed from high-quality stainless steel. Customers choose between a broad range of specifications including speed, pull, motor size and cable capacity.

MacArtney CORMAC M winches are portable, dependable and versatile systems capable of handling multiple marine applications and tasks. The winches feature a modular and compact design allowing for flexible system installation on board vessels having confined deck space.
Ultimate application
Dutch Rijkwaterstaat (RWS) is the end user of the integrated dotOcean/ MacArtney solution and it is to be deployed from vessels of opportunity within the RWS fleet. In consequence, the winch design has been adapted in order for the level wind to be variable between 0° and 90° depending on the winch position in relation to the vessel’s A-frame.

Due to the request for portability in order to be used on board vessels of opportunity, the complete solution has been designed to fit onto a standard block pallet for transportation purposes.

The winch comes with the MacArtney type 2019/B power/signal cable, fitted with a standard TrustLink stress termination. The Focal model 180 slip ring has been fitted with SubConn® DBH13 Ethernet connectors allowing for transfer of the up to 100 Mbit Ethernet signal necessary for operating the DensX.

- Mutual trust and cooperativeness are essential features of succeeding when carrying out cooperation and teamwork with our customers, says MacArtney Vice President of Sales & Marketing Hans-Jørgen Hansen who adds: MacArtney is very pleased to provide quality underwater technology to Belgian dotOcean. This is indeed an example of two businesses combining their strengths and competences to create a customized system solution featuring unmatchable quality.

The MacArtney Group and dotOcean operate successful partnerships in Europe as well as in the North American market enabling customers to have access to the extensive range of products of both companies.

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