Aberdeen-based Veripos, the leading supplier of high-precision GNSS facilities to the world offshore and associated industries, announces significant improvements to its widely-adopted Apex and Apex² PPP services which now typically provides users with a horizontal position accuracy of better than 5cm and 12cm in the vertical at the two sigma (95%) confidence level.

The enhanced levels of performance, now available to all current users of Apex and Apex² without any need to upgrade, have been calculated from static data obtained in Aberdeen, Houston and Singapore, with the proviso that accuracies may vary with observing conditions. They follow a major upgrade of the entire Veripos global reference station network for tracking all GNSS signals together with introduction of new state-of-the-art receivers and geodetic antennas for delivery of better measurement quality resulting from refinements to algorithms and software used to derive necessary GNSS orbit and clock corrections.

Designed to meet all offshore positioning and navigation applications, the dual beam Apex and Apex² PPP services are relayed via seven geostationary communications satellites to ensure continuous availability and service redundancy while providing access to both GPS and Glonass constellations. Positional accuracy is maintained regardless of user location.

Veripos is at www.veripos.com 

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