GreenwayMarineGreenaway Marine / Seapro UK with Photo Sonic International Ltd have just completed the first Deep Water housing for the CR Series of High Speed Video cameras, filming up to 3000 frames per second.

The GREENAWAY MARINE SUBSEA MODULE housing has been used as the main body, and an off center interchangeable port built to fit the camera lens. Various port optics can be fitted, a flat port or an OPTOLITE Port that is fully corrected for underwater use. The camera mounts onto a delrin tray, running on slide mounts for installation.

The housing has been designed to withstand shock waves commonly associated with high-speed film work. The adjustable bracket system for mounting will lock into position, allowing locked off recording.

The CR Series camera being controlled from the surface via an umbilical to provide all camera functions. These include power in, exposure control and multi trigger sync etc. The umbilical plugs into a laptop giving live feed and recording.

Greenaway Marine based in Swindon has been producing underwater housings for video systems for the Film and Television Industry, commercial companies and divers. The commercial wing produces SUBSEA MODULES, designed to the customer's specification to house scientific and electronic equipment to depths of 100, 300 and 1000 meter capability.

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