LinkQuest Inc., recently added a broadband option to its FlowScout 2000 acoustic flow meter product.

With this option, the FlowScout 2000 system is capable of measuring current speeds reliably starting from a distance of 16 cm, with a cell size of 2 cm and up to a maximum number of 100 cells. Since its debut in 2008, the FlowScout 2000 acoustic flow meters have been widely deployed for measuring flows in irrigation channels and rivers for water resource management and environment monitoring applications.

The standard FlowScout 2000 acoustic flow meter is capable of reaching up to 18 meters in range. Its minimum cell size is 25 cm. With the new user-selectable broadband option, the FlowScout 2000 system will further extend its applications to rivers and irrigation channels with large water level fluctuations, small and shallow creeks and irrigation channels, and small diameter water pipes.

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