EdgeTech, a leader in high resolution sonar imaging systems, acoustic release systems and underwater technology, announces the recent release of Trap Tracker, a mobile phone-based app to control the EdgeTech Ropeless Fishing System.

Trap Tracker allows fishers to virtually mark their traps and trawl lines on a chart, record the position and catch quantity and upload the information to a cloud database. The app connects via Bluetooth® to the Bluetooth Low Energy Acoustic Transceiver (BLEAT) which sends commands and receives status information from the underwater unit.

The EdgeTech Ropeless Fishing System with embedded acoustic release technology was developed to eliminate vertical lines connecting a surface buoy to bottom fishing gear. The system was designed from the ground up with the input of fishers with the intent of alleviating possible whale entanglement and other negative effects of seafloor-to-surface fishing and trap lines. The Trap Tracker app, in conjunction with the Ropeless Fishing system, also provides shipboard operators information such as position, battery life and tilt status, release confirmation and temperature. The EdgeTech Trap Tracker application for Android and iOS platforms can be downloaded from the associated mobile app sites.

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