Dukane Seacom (a HEICO Company) has created the first FAA and EASA certified 90 day underwater locator beacon (ULB) that complies with TSO-C121b & TSO-C142a and ETSO-C121b & ETSO-C142a. Dukane Seacom is the world's largest supplier of ULB devices to the commercial and military aviation markets.

The new 90 Day operational requirements go into effect on December 1, 2015. In addition to exceeding this longer operational requirement, the DK120/90 also offers a 7 year battery replacement cycle. This longer battery life is one year longer than that offered by our existing 30 Day ULB's and better aligns with recorder and aircraft maintenance cycles. These ULBs have been extensively tested to verify compliance to all primary cell lithium battery safety requirements including FAA and EASA approvals. An exchange program is offered for airlines who would like to convert from 30 day beacons to 90 day beacons through Dukane Seacom's distribution partner, Seal Dynamics.

"We are pleased to establish the new operational standard in underwater locator beacon technology with our 90 day ULB. It will give search teams the additional time they need to perform their functions," said Anish Patel, President of Dukane Seacom.

With over 40 years of industry experience, Dukane Seacom has the largest install base of underwater locator beacons (commercial, military, and business jets) with over 50,000 ULB units installed on aircraft. This unmatched reliability and expertise is what airlines put their trust in when purchasing Dukane Seacom products.

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