Braeden Engineering and Consulting LLC, a leading engineering and construction firm, has announced the introduction of its new Digital Charting System 1200 series (DCS-1200).

The DCS-1200 records and charts data collected from various types of sensors and performs tests based on parameters input by the user. While this technology has a multitude of uses including measuring temperature, torque, pH and more, its initial primary function is performing pressure tests.

“For years, many industries, including oil and gas, have relied on variations of conventional paper chart recorders to perform routine testing which, while functional, can be messy and flawed,” said Stephen Landry, R & D Manager at Braeden Engineering. “Our new DCS-1200 offers a powerful, digital solution for recording, testing and viewing data in real-time or remotely, making it especially useful for a variety of applications.

“At Braeden Engineering, we are committed to working closely with our customers to deliver innovative, quality solutions that enhance the overall efficiency of our customers’ operations. The DCS-1200 not only provides a more reliable and accurate method of performing routine testing on parts and equipment, but it also maintains the integrity of the testing process since it cannot be manipulated like the standard chart recorders. By improving the overall efficiency of the pressure testing process, the DCS 1200 ensures the safety and livelihood of our customers’ most valuable asset—their personnel.”

The DCS-1200 package includes 12.1” touch panel PC equipped with Windows 7 Prof OS and our customizable user-friendly charting software capable of displaying multiple charts with multiple pens and simultaneously running tests based on parameters set by the user.

This fully customizable software and hardware package is built for purpose. The UPS and battery system allow for hours of mobile operation in the field when power sources are not available. This mobile system is encased within a rugged carrying case with wheels and tow-handle for easy transport. Test reports are fully customizable by the user and are presented in PDF format for easy printing and transferring; data logging and archiving is also integrated.

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