AW-Lake Company, the leading North American manufacturer of flow measurement products, is pleased to announce a new SABRE Turbine flow meter for the Subsea market.

AWLakecompanyThe new Subsea Turbine Flow Meter was designed to withstand the harsh subsea environment. To keep the electronics dry and in a pressure-regulated environment, they designed the meter with integral, sealed electronics. As a result, the electronics do not take up valuable real estate in the subsea electronics module canister. This flow meter is suitable for operating pressures up to 20,000 psi. Access to the electronics is through a special 6-pin connector made specifically for subsea use and has either an amplified pulse or 4-20mA output.

“The new Subsea Turbine Flow Meter was initially developed as a custom meter for a deep sea robotics manufacturer who needed to monitor the actuation of valves. We’re now seeing many other applications within the subsea market where this meter would be equally successful,” stated Cindy Nadiger, Oil & Gas Regional Manager for AW-Lake Company.

The Subsea Turbine is available in three different flow ranges from .08 to 16 gallons per minute and has Autoclave connections. The “plug-in” style integral sensor provides for a simple installation. AW-Lake engineers will work with customers on customized materials or part configurations.

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