Aquatec Group is pleased to announce the introduction of an SSC converter for their popular AQUAlogger 210TY turbidity logger. Now included as standard in the AQUAtalk software package, users will be able to convert their turbidity readings to suspended sediment concentration (SSC) with ease.

AQUAlogger 210TY. Credit. Aquatec

The conversion can be applied pre or post deployment via one of three methods. By using collected in-situ samples or carrying out laboratory analysis, users can select the most appropriate conversion and let the software do the work. Alternatively, previous conversion factors can be easily applied. The transparent process allows users to keep accurate records of conversions and continually add samples to improve the fit.

The AQUAlogger 210TY is a versatile instrument suitable for oceanographic, environmental and coastal research, as well as the monitoring of sediment, dredge plumes, water quality, silt for hydropower plants, and turbidity during construction.

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