Aquabotix Announces Upgraded Remotely-Operated Vehicles (ROVS) – The Hydroview Professional Series

HydroViewProAquabotix, a marine technology company delivering the accessibility of today's consumer electronics products to the complex world of underwater vehicles, has announced the immediate availability of its HydroView Professional Series. The HydroView Pro is a second-generation upgrade to Aquabotix's successful HydroView Sport ROV, which premiered in 2012.

Designed to be affordable and easy-to-use, the HydroView remote-operated underwater vehicle carries an onboard HD video camera and is controlled by intuitive iPad and laptop driving applications. The new professional series prepares the HydroView to meet more robust demands of commercial users. Building upon its predecessor's proven platform, the HydroView Pro series includes new features such as
A variety of motor configurations providing complete movement control forward/backward, left/right, up/down as well as roll, pitch and yaw.

HydroView Inspector: 2 thrusters, 1 Pitch
HydroView Pro 5M: 2 thrusters, 3 Hovering/Pitch
HydroView Pro 7M: 4 thrusters, 3 Hovering/Pitch
HydroView Pro 8M: 4 Thrusters, 1 Lateral, 3 Hovering/Pitch
HydroView Pro 5M with Brushes: 2 Thrusters, 3 Hovering/Pitch, 2 Brushes

• Standard Sensor package including depth, temperature and orientation. Additional sensors available: oxygen, turbidity, fluoride, and pH.
• Depth rating of 330 ft.
• 2 Pounds of payload capacity for customer specific applications.
• Optional 2nd HD camera on the HydroView Inspector. This external camera is manually positionable enabling the operator to see in any direction, not just directly in front of the ROV.

HydroView Professional series is the ultimate mini ROV for underwater inspections and observations. Controlled wirelessly with an iPad or any laptop, the HydroView Pro shoots full 1080p HD video and still images, while users navigate intuitively without any formal training. All media is viewed instantly and can be recorded onboard for future reporting (no separate recording devices required). The innovative user interface application also supplies on-demand readings from the depth, temperature and orientation sensors in the ROV.

"We developed the HydroView Professional Series to address the needs of our commercial customers. It really is the ultimate mini ROV," said Durval Tavares, President & CEO, Aquabotix, "Industries, such as potable water, have relied on divers or expensive and cumbersome ROVs to perform inspections. The HydroView Professional series gives our customers the advantages of affordability and quick and easy deployment while lessening impacts on the continuing operation of the inspection target. The Pro is compact, intuitive to drive, offers robust options and is built with smart technology."