8AppliedAcoustics-3510-PAMA new transponder designed for use by subsea UXO disposal organizations and salvage specialists was introduced at the recent Hydrographic Society’s UXO Seminar in Southampton by Applied Acoustics, based in Great Yarmouth, UK. The company, that has been manufacturing positioning beacons for more than 25 years, has developed this product, named the 1439 ‘Blowfish’ ODT, as a combined positioning transponder and triggering device. It provides the twin functions of confirming a safe distance from a target, and receiving and acting upon a specific acoustic signal. It can be used to trigger a detonator, actuate a hydraulic valve or inflate a lift bag, for example.

The Blowfish ODT transponder can operate in up to 1000m of water, can be configured using the 3510 PAM Portable and operate as a ranging and positioning beacon with the Easytrak Nexus USBL system. The small beacon with a battery life of 180 days is less than 320mm in length, weighs just 850g but is extremely robust.

In addition to detonator initiation and secure remote actuation, the transponder can also be used for metocean or Ocean Bottom Seismic (OBS) equipment positioning and recovery.

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