AML Oceanographic Introduces New Profiling Instrument

AML Oceanographic of Sidney, Canada, is pleased to introduce a new profiling instrument, available May 2013. Base•X is an entry level shallow water logging instrument which offers best-of-breed performance at an attractive price. Designed for profiling in coastal waters, the instrument includes a shackle, a sensor cage, and an LED status indicator to simplify deployment preparation. High-speed 25Hz sampling ensures data resolution.

Like all other X•Series instruments, Base•X uses Xchange™ field-swappable sensors. Base•X works with conductivity, sound velocity, temperature, pressure, and turbidity Xchange™ sensors. This means that sensor heads can be swapped and shared with other instruments, regardless of instrument size or type, providing flexibility of sensor payload,  and streamlined calibration.

Base•X's compact size and compatibility with AML's Xchange™ sensor-head architecture make it the logical choice for today's shallow water hydrographic surveyor.