ScanReach Launches Innovative National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Communication Node

ScanReach Launches Innovative National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Communication Node
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ScanReach, a leader in advanced maritime technology solutions, has launched a new innovative NMEA Communication Node. This new development is set to revolutionize the accessibility of navigational sensor data for the shipping industry which will help empower shipping companies to optimize their operations and simultaneously elevate safety standards across the industry.

The NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) protocol refers to a standard communication format developed by the National Marine Electronics Association for the marine industry. Particularly the NMEA 0183 is primarily used for data exchange between various marine electronic devices such as GPS receivers, anemometers, speed logs, autopilots, and other navigational instruments.

The ScanReach NMEA Communication Node, a pivotal addition to the ScanReach portfolio, integrates flawlessly with the ScanReach Onboard Wireless Connectivity (OWC) network. This integration enables the wireless transmission and sharing of essential navigational data, allowing vessels to relay critical sensor information to both onboard systems and shore-based operations.

Additionally, the NMEA Node supports integration with shipping companies’ existing reporting platform through an Application Programming Interface (API). Alternatively, ScanReach-provided applications can be used.

Distinctively, the NMEA Node offers a solution for shipping companies seeking to access and utilize navigation sensor data with ease and efficiency. This innovation builds upon the success of ScanReach’s ModBus node, further extending the capabilities for real-time data application within the maritime sector.

Tor-Erik Rong, Chief Business Development Officer at ScanReach, stated, “The launch of our NMEA Node is a testament to our ongoing commitment to transforming maritime data management. This solution not only streamlines the process of accessing and disseminating navigational sensor data but also provides unmatched adaptability and convenience. It allows shipping companies to integrate critical navigation information seamlessly into their preferred software systems.”

Engineered for effortless integration, the NMEA Node can be easily incorporated into existing Onboard Wireless Connectivity (OWC) systems. Its design allows for the combination of multiple nodes, thus offering flexibility in accessing a comprehensive range of real-time sensor data. This data is crucial for maintaining safe and efficient maritime operations. The NMEA Node’s capabilities extend to enhancing the functionality and precision of electronic logbooks, emission/regulatory reporting, Vessel Performance Optimization (VPO) platforms, and various fleet management software.

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