Oceaneering Announces a Successful Field Trial for Ocean Perception™ Marine Mammal Mitigation Software Solution

Oceaneering Announces a Successful Field Trial for Ocean Perception™ Marine Mammal Mitigation Software Solution
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Oceaneering International, Inc. announces the successful field trial of Ocean Perception™, a patented marine mammal mitigation software solution for the offshore wind and renewables industry.

The field trial was conducted in August 2023 at the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary offshore the Northeastern United States to demonstrate Ocean Perception’s first-of-its-kind visualization of real-time mitigation operations, mammal detections, and locations.

Ocean Perception is a unique solution that provides accurate mammal location data to improve operational efficiencies for construction operations – thereby reducing downtime attributed to false positives experienced by traditional marine mammal monitoring methods.

Ocean Perception integrates equipment and sensor information to a vessel-based control center, streamlining operations and improving overall situational awareness. The software’s remote operations infrastructure allows offshore operations to be shared in real-time with key stakeholders onshore.

The trial tested the integration of data protocols, integration of the solution with buoy systems, various frequencies testing, and other capabilities including machine learning and thermal cameras for the potential for 24-hour operations. Ocean Perception’s navigational features enhance operational capacity and survey mode, ensuring compliance of support vessels with speed restrictions with minute-to-minute tracking.

The trial integrated SMRU Consulting’s battery-powered Cab Guardian Buoy System with Ocean Perception as part of a complete package for offshore wind construction operations. The buoy system can detect mammals at a range of up to 10 km (4 mi) and report those detections in real-time, allowing Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) operators to approve the detections within Pamguard software, seamlessly delivering into Ocean Perception’s map visualization.

Blanca Montoya, Product Manager, Oceaneering, said: “We are thrilled with the data we gathered at the Marine Mammal Sanctuary field trial, our third for Ocean Perception. We proved that the system could provide novel marine mammal monitoring for wind and other renewable developers while meeting strong regulatory requirements. SMRU’s Cab Guardian Buoy system coupled with Ocean Perception™ provides disruptive, game changing capabilities that will improve regulatory compliance and increase mammal protection during operations.”

Paul King, Director of Engineering, SMRU Consulting, said: “We’re delighted to work with Oceaneering to help offshore wind developers increase operational safety and increase project efficiencies through deploying a real-time, lightweight, cost-effective, battery-powered acoustic buoy system.”

Oceaneering supports diverse energy transition goals with innovative solutions for the toughest project challenges. With a suite of industry-leading technologies and services, we are ideally positioned to serve global offshore wind, tidal, wave, interconnector, hydrogen, and carbon capture projects in key regions around the world including the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

About SMRU Consulting

SMRU Consulting is a world leading marine mammal consultancy with an unrivaled reputation for providing innovative, robust, and environmentally sound solutions for clients active in the marine environment.

For more information on Ocean Perception, please visit oceaneering.com/ocean-perception.


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