Miros Unveils "Forecast" App to Boost Maritime Safety and Operational Efficiency

Miros Unveils "Forecast" App to Boost Maritime Safety and Operational Efficiency
The application helps to elevate maritime safety and operational efficiency due to the integration of forecasts with real-time measured ocean data. (Image credit: Miros)

Miros, the ocean insights leader, has expanded its product offering with the launch of a new application designed to provide a comprehensive solution that empowers users with the necessary insights to navigate and manage offshore operations with confidence and precision. This cutting-edge addition to Miros Cloud Home is accessible for installation through a cost-effective subscription model.

Dubbed ‘Forecast’, the company’s latest addition to Miros Cloud Home (www.miros.app), is expected to transform offshore operations by seamlessly integrating real-time measured ocean data with forecasted sea conditions.

By providing up-to-the-minute views of the sea conditions combined with the forecasted data, the app will empower marine operations teams, site managers, control room operators, and diving or ROV technicians to navigate the unpredictable seas with confidence.

Aurelia Paraschiv, Miros IoT Product Manager, said: “We are constantly working to make sure that our products remain at the cutting edge of technology and Forecast is the result of these efforts. By combining real-time wave data with forecasted conditions, users can make accurate decisions regarding offshore operations, crew deployment, and equipment usage, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and overall performance.

“The application offers personalized visual alerts, enabling a proactive response to changing conditions, along with the capability to delve into historical data for trend analysis, pattern recognition, and improved long-term planning.”

2 Snapshot2Forecast is an indispensable application where the ocean condition forecast versus measured real-time conditions is visualized in an easy and intuitive dashboard. (Image credit: Miros)

In addition to Miros’ existing real-time dashboards and services, Forecast is designed to elevate maritime safety and operational efficiency, enhancing performance through data-led decision-making.

The application has already undergone successful pilot testing with key offshore customers within the sector, receiving positive feedback.

Jonas Røstad, Miros Chief Commercial Officer, stated: “In the ever-evolving landscape of maritime and offshore operations, staying ahead of environmental conditions is paramount to safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Forecast will enhance users understanding of the sea-state, allowing them to make swift decisions with certainty. The offshore sector has undergone many changes over the years, but there has always and will always be a need for reliable, digestible information in real-time.”


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