Veripos, Sonardyne & Guidance Marine Stage Joint Norwegian DP Workshop

veripos logoGNSS positioning specialists Veripos report a further successful collaborative workshop on the future of Dynamic Positioning sensor technologies held in Alesund, which was attended by a cross-section of leading Norwegian offshore industry experts concerned with vessel construction and operation in addition to DP suppliers and system integrators.

Jointly held in association with Sonardyne International and Guidance Marine, the free one-day event featured inter-company presentations followed by hands-on technical sessions on current system usability and concluded with forum discussions on the anticipated future of Position Monitoring Equipment (PME); proceedings also included detailed discussions on the advantages and self-sufficiency provided by acoustically-aided INS systems and integrated DGNSS and INS systems.

The workshop was the third of a dedicated series devoted to DP sensor technology jointly staged by Sonardyne International, Guidance Marine and Veripos following earlier ones in Houston and Singapore. Future ones to be held in the Middle East and Brazil are currently under consideration.

Their increasing popularity, according to Veripos Vice-President - Commercial, Stephen Browne, had already proved to be mutually beneficial to industry and users alike by way of providing valuable insights into current performance practices and needs as well as those likely to affect future system developments.