Because the Teledyne TSS and Teledyne CDL sales teams have been working progressively closer together to present a complementary range of products to an overlapping customer base, they are now at a point where it has become sensible for both sales teams to unite.

This will provide the companies’ customers with a more focused and efficient service and by building upon the strong reputations of both they are now able to offer a more comprehensive product line through a single sales team. TSS and CDL remain separate trading entities, offering their own products and are simply offering their products through a single sales organisation.

New areas and regions of responsibilities have been determined and a customer communication strategy created. The new organisation will now be progressively unveiled to the companies’ extensive combined customer base. The new organisation will ‘go live’ at Ocean Business following a reception for customers and the press.

Martyn Grange has been appointed to oversee the transition and will lead the newly combined team. All TSS and CDL sales managers therefore now report to Martyn with immediate effect.

The two companies understand the need to avoid confusion with any of their customers and will work closely with them to ensure a smooth, efficient and seamless integration.

Anyone with questions about this announcement is invited to initially contact Martyn Grange;

For more information please visit: 

Corporate Headquarters

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